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What is Documentation?

Documentation is written information that is easy to read and easy to understand. It comes in all shapes and sizes from computer manuals and websites to internal procedures and newsletters.

All too often documentation is forgotten and cobbled together at the last minute by someone who hasn’t a clue how to write. It’s often long-winded, complex and hard to understand. If the wrong person is producing poor quality information how good does that look for your company image? How good is that for your staff, clients or auditors? How cost effective is it for your business?

Added Value

Good documentation adds value by projecting the right company image outside and keeping you properly organised inside. A well written website will give you the edge over the competition; while well written procedures will help you pass regulatory audits.

Documentation Best Practice

There is an art to getting writing right and apps2net can work with you to create just the right documentation solution for your business. By letting professional technical authors get on with your documentation requirements you’ll be safe in the knowledge that it will be fit for purpose while you concentrate your own efforts on business productivity.

Document Solutions

Imagine that you need to provide your customers with a manual to help support staff maintain the brand new application you have sold them, or that you want a set of instructions to standardise and speed up the way the way a particular department works in-house. Or you need to improve your web content, need help with producing a PowerPoint presentation for that all important bid, need a well-designed template for that board report or even a document editing. Whatever the situation, we have the know-how to help you.

No documentation work package is too small for our consideration.

Documentation Design and Production

We are experts in designing and writing traditional computer manuals such as installation guides, user guides, programming guides, support guides and quick references as well as online help, web content, feasibility studies, technical design documents, requirements specifications, procedures, work instructions, course material, reports, promotional material, newsletters and presentations. Whether documents are printed or online in PDF format is your choice.


In the current climate of economic uncertainty, apps2net understands the importance of providing quality work quickly and at the right price. It's your time and your money and we aim to use it wisely. If your budget is tight, we can even advise you how to improve your own documentation expertise, or provide training to your staff on the rights and wrongs of technical authoring.

Why not take a look at some of our documentation projects and see the benefits we secured for our clients.

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