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Here's a selection of our software projects. Contact us for more information about what we can do for you.

Case Study 1 - Stock and production control system

Scenario: A manufacturing customer wanted a stock and production control system to improve the control and profitability of their business
Solution: apps2net developed an integrated manufacturing solution including stock control, purchasing and workshop planning
Technology: SQL database running on a UNIX server accessed by 4GL programs
Benefits: Improved control over costs, stock and audit fees for client; better quality estimates leading to client winning more business

Case Study 2 - Prospect matching system

Scenario: An on-line trading customer wanted sophisticated contact matching algorithms for his internet portal site
Solution: apps2net developed an integrated manufacturing solution including stock control, purchasing and workshop planning
Technology: Java, JDBC, Microsoft SQL Server
Benefits: Improved accuracy in client's marketing campaigns through a 25% reduction in duplicate data

Case Study 3 - Document management system

Scenario: A translation company wanted a system to allow translators anywhere in the world to securely pick up and deposit finished documents
Solution: apps2net developed a secure web site to track documentation and to provide version control of documents
Technology: Java web site, CVS source control
Benefits: Speed, flexibility and improved quality through having a reliable alternative to emailing documents through unsecure email

Here's a selection of our documentation projects.

Case Study 1 - Multi-media solution for sharing system overviews across a wide range of staff

Scenario: A telecoms customer wanted a separate quick overview for each of its IT systems in both printed and online formats
Solution: apps2net wrote over 50 two-page quick reference sheets to provide a basic overview of each system, including a small diagram
Technology: MS Word, Visio, PDF linked into a FrontPage Intranet
Benefits: Information shared across company Intranet to all staff with printing costs kept to minimum as only senior management had printed books

Case Study 2 - Simplification of user manuals

Scenario: A company producing travel system software needed overhaul of user and system guides to make it more usable and improve its image
Solution: apps2net created a simplified template with a contemporary feel, as well as restructuring the content and streamlined the wording
Technology: MS Word, Visio
Benefits: Documentation suite was slimmed down, rebranded and made easier for users to navigate and understand

Case Study 3 - Improvements to quality of test specifications

Scenario: Poor quality test documentation being provided by a communications company to its public sector client was failing to get approval within SLA
Solution: apps2net created an easy-to-use template with generic text that could be re-used for 100+ regional test documents, introduced a simple procedure for producing the documents along with work instructions and best practice training for non-authoring staff to follow to improve writing quality
Technology: MS Word, Visio, PDF
Benefits: Improved, standardised documentation; faster review/approval cycle; improved relations between company and client; project deadlines brought back on track

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