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MyFactoryManager MRP & Stock Control Manufacturing System

Designed by engineers for engineers, MyFactoryManager is an innovative, powerful, flexible and easy to use software package for small to medium sized manufacturing businesses. MyFactoryManager can control all aspects of the manufacturing lifecycle. It generates quotations, takes incoming orders, processes the work from buying the necessary materials to controlling the production, issues delivery notes and invoices and processes them all through to accounts and despatch as one integrated package.

The system is so advanced that it includes an integrated information system that can query the database to provide answers to such questions as:

  • When was the last time it was made?
  • How much did it cost to make?
  • Where did we last buy it from, and how much was it?

With such accurate reporting capability products are made on time, to the right quality and, most importantly of all, profitably.

MyFactoryManager can dramatically improve your company’s efficiency which, in turn, leads to greater control by eradicating fire-fighting in favour of planned operation. Such improved control will lead to shorter lead times, lower stock levels and reduced work-in-progress through having materials available on time and to the right specification. It will also help ensure that the best use is made of available capacity and materials and keep costs down.

MyFactoryManager can improve customer service as it ensures that orders are delivered on time by providing up to the minute job progress information, meaning that customers can be kept fully informed about their orders at all times.


MyFactoryManager Shop Floor Control & Scheduler

Scheduling jobs around a typical machine shop so that products are manufactured in an efficient, timely manner is a very complex problem.

The combination of a relatively small number of operations, work centres and employees can quickly lead to a mind boggling number of alternative scenarios. As a result, many software suppliers choose to simply schedule work centres. However, the limiting factor within most machine shops is the combination of work centres and operators with the right level of skill.

The scheduler cracks this problem through the clever use of mathematical algorithms and object oriented programming to obtain an optimum solution to the scheduling problem.

The scheduler is so advanced that it can look forward to see where problems lie ahead, identify bottlenecks and even sometimes make suggestions that at first look wouldn’t appear to make sense e.g. using alternative less efficient equipment or not allocating work to an operator for a while.

This all adds up to:

  • Efficient use of limited and expensive resources
  • A reliable and clear picture of loading and delivery performance
  • The ability to accurately forecast delivery dates

To find out more about MyFactoryManager can help your business please contact us via the Contacts page.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service means that you can run your own personal, secure, copy of MyFactoryManager directly over the internet through a web browser. The benefits to you of running MyFactoryManager as a SaaS are:

  • No initial start up costs for servers or software licences
  • Low cost, per user, monthly pay as you use charges
  • Backups and restores are automatically taken care of
  • No need for your own internal IT support staff and hence further cost savings
  • Automatic server and software updates

Running MyFactoryManager as a Software as a Service removes a lot of the worry out of making a major investment decision, improves your cash flow and leaves you to get on with running your business rather than managing your IT systems.

This all adds up to:


ü Efficient use of limited and expensive resources

ü A reliable and clear picture of loading and delivery performance

ü The ability to accurately forecast delivery dates

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